Hopper Creek Montessori School is dedicated to the growth of the total child. Socially, emotionally, developmentally, academically and physically your child's needs will be met on a daily basis. The Montessori philosophy provides a prepared environment to meet the needs of each individual child based on where he/she is at in their development. A positive self-esteem coupled with a love of learning is our goal for the child. These two goals can be achieved through the independence the child acquires as he learns to make choices in the classroom, talk about his feelings and be a responsible member of the classroom. Positive  attitudes and discipline is what we strive for.

Read on for details on Maria Montessori and the Montessori Philosophy.  Our unique approach to her methods and the areas of study we offer to the children everyday combine to create our very unique and enriching learning environment.

Our philosophy extends also to the role that parents play at Hopper Creek Montessori School. Parents are a vital part of Hopper  Creek Montessori School. We rely on our parents to be a support unit for the school. The more involved the parents are, the better our program runs.



Parents are welcomed at any time throughout the day to enjoy a morning or brief time with their child, no appointment is ever necessary!


  • Open Year Round: Mon-Fri - 7:45am-5:30pm

  • Application and Enrollment fees: Application: 150$ | Material Fee: 200$

  • (walkthrough required before application submission)

  • Half day: 8:45am-12pm

  • Quarter day: 8:45am-3pm

  • Full Day: 7:45-5:30pm

  • Preschool Program: ages 2-3 (Potty Trained not required)

  • Pre-K Program: ages 3-6

  • Kindergarten Program/Optional Spanish Immersion: ages 5-6

  • Summer Program: July-August

Our Team

Hopper CreeK Staff DIrectory

Carol Woodiwiss

Owner / Director

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Welcome to Hopper Creek's Website!

I am Carol Woodiwiss and I am the owner of Hopper Creek Montessori


I purchased Hopper Creek in the summer of 1994 and just recently handed the title of Director to Elizabeth Guerra! We have been co-teachers, directors, and friends for years!

I am currently handling all of the administrative aspects of Hopper Creek. I work closely with the staff attending their monthly staff meetings, attending all major Hopper Creek events and make myself available for subbing. Regular visits are part of my DNA! Hopper Creek has been the professional love of my life! I have been so blessed to work in this beautiful valley with such dedicated, loving and talented teachers, families, and most of all, students!


Pre-K and Enrichment Programs

Director of Hopper Creek Montessori

Hi! I'm Elizabeth! I have been at Hopper Creek since 1994 and I absolutely love teaching young minds amazing things about our world. I began teaching in a traditional pre-school in 1986. I then began taking many early childhood education classes at the local community college. During my first two years of teaching I began exploring other teaching methods. During a field trip to a Montessori country school, I experienced the Montessori method and knew then I must learn more. Two years later I moved to Napa, California and trained right here at Hopper Creek Montessori School. I am the director and head teacher for the Pre-K and Enrichment programs. I am also fluent in Spanish


Director - Head Teacher

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Preschool Program

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Preschool Program


My name is Anacani and I have been working in the Preschool program at Hopper Creek Montessori School since 2001. I have received Early Childhood Education training at Napa Community College and have taken workshops through Napa Cares. I have also earned a Montessori Assistant degree! It is so joyful to work with little ones! It makes such a difference when teachers and parents work together as a team. We are committed to the care and education of the children. Their social and emotional development is very important to us. It is nice to watch children grow in a safe and loving school and I am happy to be able to provide them with guidance and support. I am proud to be a good role model for the children! I am also fluent in Spanish.



Hi! My name is Carmela and i began teaching at Hopper Creek Montessori School when i was 18 years old. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew that i wanted to be a teacher. I completed my Early Childhood Education units at Napa Valley College. I have also worked in Elementary Schools. I love doing arts and crafts with the children. I am currently the co-teacher in the Preschool Class and lead the Spanish Emersion Kinder. program. I love teaching at Hopper Creek Montessori! Our goal is to model and guide children to become independent, loving and caring toward one another. Teaching is my passion!


Preschool Program

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