Our History

Hopper Creek Montessori was founded in 1984 to provide Yountville, California with modern, high-quality early childhood education.  A decade later, the school relocated to its current location a few blocks from downtown Napa.  The foresight and vision of Carol Woodiwiss transformed Hopper Creek Montessori into one of Napa’s premier pre-schools.  The current owners, Brenna Roth and Matthew Chrzanowski, PhD., took the school over in 2022, allowing Carol to enjoy life in retirement while carrying on its preeminent reputation and envisioning ways to grow and flourish. Students continue to play, learn, and grow as they have for nearly four decades on the playground and within the walls of Hopper Creek Montessori.

Our Philosophy

We at Hopper Creek Montessori are dedicated to the holistic growth and development of each child and family that walks through our doors. We strive to nurture positive self-esteem and a passion for learning through individualized, student-led activities guided and enriched by our talented, knowledgeable, and caring faculty. Our programs, while individualized and adapted for each student, build upon our community of learners by using multi-age classrooms designed to create opportunities for independence, citizenship, and accountability. The freedom and support to question, explore, and make connections allow our students to grow into confident, enthusiastic, mindful, and self-directed learners and citizens.