Hopper Creek Montessori serves children ages two through six.  Children do not need to be potty-trained prior to enrollment.  We accept children on a rolling-admission basis, meaning you may apply and start at any time. Our admission process involves three steps: visit the school, fill out an application, and finally enroll your student(s).

Step 1: Visit/Appointment

We prefer families visit the school, see the facilities, and meet our staff prior to filling out an application.  This can be done physically or virtually. The visit/appointment also provides an opportunity to ask questions or bring up any concerns.  To schedule an appointment, families may either email  or call Brenna at (330) 904-4562.

Step 2: Fill out our application

Families may find the application  online .  Completed applications can be submitted via email (hoppercreekmontessori1@gmail.com) or in-person with our staff.

Step 3: Enroll

Following the review of applications, families may be provided an enrollment package.  This enrollment package contains all required records, disclosures, consents, and information necessary prior to a child's first day of school. 

Enrollment Form Checklist:

  1. Identification and Emergency Information (LIC 700)

  2. Physician’s Report (LIC 701)

  3. Child’s Preadmission Health History (LIC 702)

  4. Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment (LIC 627)

  5. Child Care Center Notification of Parents’ Rights (LIC 995)

  6. Personal Rights (LIC 613A)

  7. A Copy of the Student’s Shot Records – Obtained from their doctor’s office